gzm Physiotherapie in München

The GZM at a glance

We are happy to invite you to discover the GZM - Physiotherapy & Training in Munich in pictures. We have captured our practice for physiotherapy on two floors in photos for you. Here you will find selected pictures and impressions of our practice and our premises, because a picture says more than a thousand words ...

In the health center at Maximiliansplatz you can expect a highly competent team, professional treatments based on the latest science, Comfortable, modern equipment and a spacious training room on over 90 square meters
Look forward to a visual foray through our practice rooms, we would be happy to personally welcome you to our physiotherapy practice in Munich soon.

The GZM team wishes you a lot of fun collecting impressions. This picture gallery invites you to take a look at one of the leading physiotherapy practices in Munich.

The wonderful ambience, the warmth, the high level of competence of the team and the attention to detail are convincing best in the personal impression therefore visit us, convince yourself and let the GZM team inspire you!

Physiotherapy GZM Munich
GZM physiotherapy weight room
physiotherapy on the Maximiliansplatz
Practice of physiotherapy in Munich
training in physiotherapy GZM
Practice room GZM Munich
Osteopathy in Munich GZM
Dumbbells for physiotherapy GZM
Osteopathy in Munich
Decoration for physiotherapy
Strength training in physiotherapy GZM
Room for osteopathy
Munich Elephant physiotherapy
Changing room physiotherapy
Reception of the Physiotherapy Munich
Massage in Munich GZM
Training at the GZM Munich
Health center Munich GZM
Osteopathy GZM Maximiliansplatz
Massage for physiotherapy GZM
Massge Physiotherapy GZM Munich
Dumbbell training physiotherapy Munich GZM
Physiotherapy GZM Maximiliansplat Munich
Training Therapy GZM Munich
Physiotherapy treatment in Munich GZM
Physiotherapy strength training Munich at Maximiliansplatz
Changing room GZM
Sport therapy physiotherapy Munich in the GZM
Physiotherapy at the GZM in Munich
Gymnastics for physiotherapy in Munich

Wall decoration for physiotherapy in Munich

Treatment room at the GZM Munich

GZM Munich physiotherapy treatment
physiotherapy and more in Munich

Physiotherapy clinic in Munich

Gymnastics in the Physiotherapy Munich GZM

The premises of our GZM practice

GZM Physiotherapy Munich
Sports physiotherapy in Munich

Space in physiotherapy Munich
Training room in Munich GZM

Changing room for sports physiotherapy Munich
Bicycle of the Physiotherapy Munich

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