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TRX Suspension Training

TRX suspension training is a modern workout method with the help of suspension straps involving the whole body. The exercises are performed in a sitting or standing position suspended by a system of non-elastic straps and ropes, with the own body weight being the workload. The training intensity can be easily and quickly changed through the modification of the body position towards the suspension point.

The TRX suspension device is designed to enhance strength, coordination and mobility and to improve at the same time the core stability. Given the high training intensity, a full-body workout can be achieved in a session of only 20 minutes. This training method is a suitable exercise for all sports and for both amateur and professional athletes of whatever age.

Originally, the suspension training was used in physiotherapy. However, it has also been used for a long time in the spa centre of sports injury clinics, hospitals and chiropractic clinics for rehabilitation purposes. As to the stability, functionality and accessories, the TRX suspension trainer is clearly superior compared to other suspension devices available on the market.

Major Training Effects

The exercise is designed to enhance muscle strength, concentration, endurance, coordination and balance.

The training with the TRX device requires the user to maintain permanently a basic body tension in every exercise. This helps to strengthen deeper muscles and increase automatically the muscle strength in the trunk. This cannot be achieved by conventional training methods. Since the ropes of the TRX device are constantly moving during the exercise the small muscles close to the joints are also intensely involved. The “Instability” increases considerably the efficiency of the training.

Principles of TRX training

When practising sports or everyday activities, we perform simultaneously complex movements. Accordingly, the sling or suspension training allows us to exercise as we live, instead of being forced to sit down and to work only single parts of the body or muscle groups. The suspension training is especially aimed at moving continuously the centre of gravity and thereby activating all core muscles. If you perform, suspended by the TRX ropes, chest presses, rowing movements, side steps or push-ups with crunches or even biceps curls, the core muscles get marvellously involved in keeping the body position stable.


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