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Physical Therapy

SpitznerTherm hot mud poultices

Mud can retain heat for an extremely long lapse of time cooling down very slowly. Thus, mud poultices help stimulate the blood circulation and relieve pain by easing muscle tension. This therapy has proven to be an efficient care in preparation of or to support many other physiotherapy treatments.

The mud therapy helps relieve back and joint pain and loose tight muscles. Therefore, the care with Spitzner THERM hot mud poultices is a beneficial complementary therapy for numerous treatments.

We only use Spitzner THERM hot mud poultices, containing a special natural granulate which retains heat much longer than conventional paraffin mud. Furthermore, unlike other conventional poultices, the Spitzner Therm hot mud poultice does not get hard and cool within a short time.

Therefore, these poultices meet all contemporary requirements as to hygiene and comfort.

Natural mud wraps

The heat therapy with natural mud wraps is a highly efficient treatment. The packed odourless mineral mud from volcanic soil is applied to the painful body parts. The heat soothes, stimulates the blood circulation and relieves pain.

This therapy, being also recommended for osteoporosis, helps relieve stress and alleviate back and joint pain. Furthermore, with the skin absorbing the minerals contained in the mud, the nutrients enter the metabolism and thereby enhance health. The minerals have also beneficial effects on skin disorders.

Hot roll therapy

The hot roll therapy enables the therapist to combine a targeted heat therapy with the beneficial effects of a massage.

The simultaneous use of heat and pressure helps considerably improve the blood circulation in the treated body parts. Given the flexibility of the heat intensity, the therapy can be arranged to achieve best results while minimising the strains on the cardiovascular system.


The use of cold is a suitable preparative or supportive measure prior to therapeutic exercise. The treatment may be performed by means of ice wraps or ice-cold air.

The therapy, which is recommended for inflammatory or traumatic conditions, is aimed at minimising the undesirable reactive hyperaemia.

Please click here for further information about cryotherapy.


Electrotherapy is a suitable complementary treatment for most diseases. Our high quality state-of-the-art electrotherapy devices supplied by “Zimmer Medizintechnik” Company, a premium manufacturer, enable us to provide excellent and effective treatments.

Please click here to find more information about electrotherapy.

Ultrasound treatment

Ultrasound therapy may be considered in a broad sense as a part of electrotherapy, since the electric current is converted into high frequency sound waves of about 1 MHz.


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