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All our work is focused on your health and wellbeing. To meet highest demands, we have recruited a team of qualified therapists.

Our Health Care Services

Physiotherapy in Munich

– Welcome to the Health Centre at Maximiliansplatz square

Our team of competent and experienced physiotherapists will be delighted to welcome you in the exclusive ambience of our modern practice. Thanks to the qualifications of our staff and regular training courses, we keep up to date and therefore are able to offer you excellent physiotherapy care and training and to provide a wide range of therapeutic techniques and therapy methods.

The physiotherapy services of our practice in Munich include therapeutic exercise to relieve pain and mobility impairments, lymphatic drainage, osteopathic techniques, kinesio taping and progressive muscle relaxation. Furthermore, we offer special physiotherapy for the rehabilitation after sports injuries. The range of our health care services also includes physical therapy, such as the treatment with natural mud poultices and cryotherapy.

In our exercise rooms we provide gym equipment which enables us to perform machine-based therapeutic exercise and special training programmes aimed at improving, for example, coordination skills and endurance. We not only offer most modern equipment, but we also focus on personal and professional assistance. A detailed computerised analysis of the muscular strength not only helps plan accurately a suitable exercise programme, but also assess the progresses achieved.

In the beautiful ambience of our comfortable rooms, you can also enjoy classic massages and soothing spa treatments, such as reflexology or beneficial skin care.

In GZM Health Centre, all our work is focused on the needs of the patients. Their wellbeing and recovery are our primary concern. Therefore, we offer personal bespoke assistance and therapies which are always based on a holistic approach. You can arrange a consultation date early in the morning or late in the evening. If you suffer from acute pain, we will strive to provide help within 24 hours.

We will be delighted to help you!