gzm Physiotherapie in München

Spa Treatments

Hot stone massage

This massage involves the use of basalt stones which are heated to a temperature of about 60 °C.

With the heat deeply penetrating the tissue, muscle tension is pleasantly eased. The therapy helps enhance the oxygen flow to the cells and supports the elimination of lingering waste products.

The treatment not only improves the blood circulation on physiological level, but also provides relief for mental stress and inner tension. The enhancement of the wellbeing helps the patients to restore the inner balance and to replenish their energy to cope more serenely with the challenges of everyday life.

Aromatherapy massage

The oil for the treatment is chosen according to the needs of the skin and the personal wishes. There are varied special oils available, having, for example, invigorating and refreshing, anti-inflammatory and soothing, thermal or analgesic effects.

Entrust your wellbeing to the skilful and sensitive hands of our therapists, who provide delicate and careful treatments beneficial for body and soul.

Massage with skin care

This particularly pleasant treatment consists of a gentle full-body massage and rejuvenating skin care.

Detoxifying massage

This massage is primarily aimed at enhancing health and wellbeing by supporting the detoxification of the body.

With the lymph flow, the blood circulation in the skin and the metabolism being stimulated, the massage helps eliminate lingering waste products from the body.