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Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise is a major field of physiotherapy. It consists essentially of treatments based on the use of physical methods, involving heat, cold, pressure, radiation and electricity. Therapeutic exercise is aimed at restoring the mobility skills and body functions as well as preserving and enhancing health. Further information about therapeutic exercise is available here.

Manual therapy

The manual therapy, which is an important pillar of physiotherapy, consists of performing special manual techniques that are used to alleviate pain and to treat successfully mobility impairments. These manual techniques are not only applied to treat functional disorders, but also for the diagnosis of dysfunctions. Read more about it.

Osteopathic techniques

Our physiotherapy services also include osteopathic techniques, which are used to heal various functional disorders affecting the body, with the human body being construed as a system consisting of the inner organs, the musculoskeletal system and the craniosacral system. These special physiotherapy treatments are aimed at activating by manual techniques the body’s self-healing mechanisms and thereby restoring the balance of these three body systems. For further information about osteopathic techniques and the indications please click here.

Craniosacral techniques

Craniosacral techniques are a therapy method which initially originated from osteopathy. The craniosacral therapy consists of special manual techniques which are performed in the head and sacrum area to remove potential blockages or to heal functional impairments. The “Power of Gentle Touches” is a key approach in physiotherapy, with the patient being considered as a complex energy system. Read more about it.

Pelvic floor training based on the Tanzberger concept

The pelvic floor training is a prophylactic physiotherapy treatment which can be used to treat pelvic floor or incontinence problems in women, men and children. This treatment deliberately activates the continence mechanism structures and thereby helps the patient to adequately respond to the physiological and psychological stimulus. Read more about it.

Trigger point therapy (myofascial release)

This treatment method is designed to treat muscle tightness in musculoskeletal system which may cause severe pain. This physiotherapy treatment is aimed at releasing the muscle tightness by special therapeutic techniques. Permanent prophylactic care for the affected muscles areas is essential. Read more about it.

Kinesio taping

A kinesio tape is a stretchy bandage, which is used for various bandaging techniques to support the restoration of the muscular balance. Kinesio taping is not only used to alleviate pain, but also to prevent further physical problems. Read more about kinesio taping issues.

Treatment of jaw joint problems (CMD)

Popping and clicking, pain in one or both jaw joints and grinding teeth (bruxism) are frequent problems, which are increasingly recognised and treated. Learn more about the treatment of jaw joint disorders.


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