gzm Physiotherapie in München

TechnoGym Kinesiology

Enjoy an effective dynamic three-dimensional training for the whole body with an exclusive gym equipment, helped by the professional assistance provided by our physiotherapists.

After a few sessions you will become aware of a considerable increase in performance which will enable you to manage everyday life full of energy.

Kinesiology is more than just exercise. It helps improve the breathing, shape the body-contours and strengthen the muscles as well as enhance coordination, posture and mobility. The newly patented “Fullgravity System“ from TechnoGym provides the opportunity to do exercises of a different kind compared to the conventional machines you might be accustomed to.


  • Specific exercises adapted to various sports
  • Special training programmes, for example for golf, skiing, tennis and sailing
  • Targeted training for single muscle groups
  • Improvement of the coordination skills
  • Efficient training through purposeful exercises

Make an appointment for a taster training. You will be enthusiastic about it!