gzm Physiotherapie in München

Sports Physiotherapy

Health Care for Sports Injuries

Even if the training is carried out cautiously and thoughtfully, sprains and strains or even muscle ruptures cannot always be avoided, regardless of whether you are an amateur or an ambitious athlete.

To ensure that you can again practice your sport successfully and joyously as soon as possible, whether it is with the tennis racket or running shoes, you should arrange a consultation date with one of our specially qualified and experienced sports physiotherapists.

Therapeutic Bandaging

Therapeutic bandaging has proven to be an efficient measure to partially immobilise injured joints and muscles. In sports physiotherapy bandages are used for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

The prophylactic use is aimed at minimising the risk of injuries or protecting an injured or vulnerable structure whereas the therapeutic use shall enable the patient to resume quickly the training after the trauma. The bandages shall provide maximum stability allowing, however, a certain functional mobility.