gzm Physiotherapie in München

Physical Therapy in Munich

What is meant by “Techniques of Physical Therapy”? This expression refers to all treatments which are based on physical methods. This includes heat, delivered, for example, by UV light, and massage therapies.

Physical Therapy Methods

In our Health Centre at Maximiliansplatz square in Munich we provide various professional physical therapies, for example hot mud poultices or natural mud wraps and paraffin baths, among many other therapies.

In our Health Centre you can also undergo cryotherapy, electrotherapy or ultrasound therapy. Cryotherapy is a treatment based on the use of ice or cold air which is aimed at supporting therapeutic exercise. Electrotherapy is a useful complementary treatment accompanying general physiotherapy treatment. The physical therapies in our Health Centre also include the hot roll massage, which combines heat therapy and massage.

Further Therapy Methods

Of course, we not only provide physical therapies, but also conventional physiotherapy and special sports physiotherapy, which is essentially focused on the prevention of sports injuries and rehabilitation. In our practice you can also undergo a professional training therapy or enjoy soothing massages.

If you are interested in a physical therapy or our other varied therapy services, take a look at our therapy list. Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions. Our team will be pleased to receive your message.