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Physiotherapy Treatment

Many of our patients are treated for spinal column and joint disorders. Yet, physiotherapy also helps recover from fractures, joint surgery, ligament, tendon or muscle ruptures, amputations, renal diseases and strokes. There are, however, numerous other health conditions which can treated successfully with the help of physiotherapy treatments.

Physiotherapy includes therapeutic exercise and physical therapies. The physiotherapist focuses in the treatment on the body’s natural self-regulation mechanisms to repair functional disorders. The physiotherapy treatment may also be a useful complementary therapy along with medication or surgery – or even replace them.
Therapeutic exercise consists of active and passive exercises aimed at relieving or healing diseases by enhancing strength and mobility. “Active” means hereby that the movements are performed by the patient, whereas “passive” means that the limbs are moved by the therapist.

Depending on the diagnosis and the symptoms, the therapist uses various techniques, ranging from manual therapies, sling-table therapy to Cyriax or Brunkow therapies. The patient is also given advice for the autonomous performance of the exercises, for the patient must be actively involved in the treatment to ensure a maximum therapy success.

The physical therapy, which is part of physiotherapy, comprises various treatments, such as massages, stimulation by heat or cold, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy. The effectiveness of these treatments results from the stimulus-response principle, hence the natural reactions of the body to external stimuli. This enables the therapist to achieve, for example, a lasting conditioning and strengthening of the muscles.

The physiotherapy treatment is in any case designed after consultation of the referring physician to suit the personal disorders and symptoms. We draw up a bespoke therapy plan which may contain the following goals:

  • Pain relief
  • Improvement of the blood circulation
  • Endurance enhancement

After having been informed of the therapy content and having consulted your physician to sort out whether you need such a therapy, there is nothing more to do than to look for a suitable practice in which you can put trust.

Utmost professionality and dedication as well as a sophisticated modern equipment including all necessary accessories are required to ensure an effective and efficient physiotherapy treatment.

Our Health Centre at Maximiliansplatz square in Munich meets all these requirements.

If you would like to contact us, we will be pleased to receive your message.


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