Yoga, which approximately means “Connect”, is a thousands of years old holistic science originating from India. In Yoga science body, mind and soul are deemed to engage in a symbiosis, which helps people to live in harmony with themselves and the environment. The wide range of exercises, including breathing exercises (Pranayama), physical exercises (Asana) and meditation, shall improve self-awareness in every aspect and enhance concentration to cope with everyday life in a more relaxed and serene manner.

Whatever may be the way in which we practice yoga or the motivation to do so, the result is the same: yoga helps us achieve deeper self-awareness skills and increase self-fulfilment. Yoga is free of performance pressure and competitive thinking and there is no need to achieve perfection – for yoga practice is a journey without destination.

The primary goal of the yoga philosophy is the enhancement of awareness and attention – even of and towards ourselves, where we are often most critical. Fun, challenges, discovery of our limits, sharpening of discernment and awareness and definition of our goals as well as the restoration of inner calmness are central aspects of yoga.

Yoga practice enhances the physical and mental health, provides serenity and helps us replenish our energy – the conscious regular break from everyday life helps reduce the stress level.

Yoga is for everyone – escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in the yoga world!

“If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.” (Krishnamacharya)

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