gzm Physiotherapie in München

Machine-based Therapeutic Exercise

We not only offer a wide range of therapies, such as physiotherapysports physiotherapy, manual therapies and physical therapies, but also, notably, machine-based therapeutic exercise, including kinesiology and TRX suspension training. Prior to the execution of machine-based therapeutic exercise, we always perform a comprehensive muscle strength assessment, which enables us to draw up a suitable training plan and to evaluate afterwards the progresses achieved by the training.

Execution of the Training Therapy in GZM Health Centre

Following a bespoke training plan, you can use most modern gym equipment helped by the professional assistance provided by our physiotherapists. The training is performed in small groups. Obviously, machine-based therapeutic exercise is ideal for rehabilitation after injuries, but it is also suitable for the prevention of injuries and disorders, notably for the prophylactic enhancement of strength, endurance, coordination and mobility.

Enhance Your Physical Shape by Machine-Based Therapeutic Exercise

We first carry out strength measurements and analyses, which enable us to evaluate the progresses achieved at the end of the training scheme of several weeks. The measurements at the beginning and at the end of the training are finally compared. Thereby, the improvements achieved by the therapeutic exercise can not only be felt, but are also objectively revealed!

In contemporary physiotherapy it becomes increasingly important to maintain and enhance the previously achieved progresses. Thus it is more and more essential to provide the opportunity for the patient to achieve this goal by machine-based therapeutic exercise.

If you are looking for a modern physiotherapy practice which provides professional machine-based therapeutic exercise of the highest quality and competent consultancy services, do not hesitate to contact us. The staff of our practice will be delighted to receive your call and to help you.