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Sports Massage in Munich

Generally, a sports massage is performed to provide relaxation and to ease muscle tension after physical activity or in preparation of a training session or a competition. The qualified physiotherapists of GZM Health Centre in Munich are able to soothe and ease tight muscle groups by a purposeful sports massage performed in a sensitive manner.

The sports massage performed in our Munich based practice is aimed at releasing muscle tightness and stretching the muscles and tendons. The therapy also helps recover more quickly by relieving muscle soreness and pain and accelerate healing processes.

Various massage techniques are used for extremely strained muscle groups with the aim to enhance the blood circulation in the tissue and release muscle tension. Unused muscle groups may be stimulated.

Sports Massage Therapy

During a sports massage the therapist works on all affected parts of the body, especially particularly tight muscle groups. Thereby, the massage shall help to recover, restore the performance and enhance the wellbeing of the athlete. The intensity of the therapy is chosen according to the personal needs, the character of the injury or the severity of the muscle tightness. This is the only way to ensure an efficient and purposeful treatment.

In GZM Health Centre we perform sports massages with the aim to support the training, to prepare for physical activity or to accelerate recovery, either between or after performances. The execution and the intensity of the massage are adapted to whether the athlete is in a competition or training period. Thereby, the massage shall efficiently enhance the performance of the sportsman or sportswoman.

Massages for Wellbeing

GZM Health Centre not only provides sports massages but also soothing and relaxing massages, including the hot stone massage, aromatherapy massages and massages with skin care as well as detoxifying massages. So you can indulge yourself with a wide range of massage therapies in GZM Health Centre.

We will be happy to support you efficiently and effectively in your training. Feel free to contact us by email or by telephone on the number 089/294445. We will pleased to receive your message and to answer any of your questions regarding our sports or relax massages.

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