gzm Physiotherapie in München

Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise in Munich

When practising sports, knee, ankle or shoulder injuries can always occur. After such an injury, it is important to restore the full function and mobility of the affected joint. If the patient has to undergo surgery, the loss of muscle mass is a serious problem, with which sportsmen and sportswomen have to struggle. With the muscle mass in the affected body part decreasing rapidly, there is an increasing risk of incurring another injury.

GZM Practice for Therapeutic Exercise in Munich

It is crucial to undergo a professional rehabilitation therapy. Our Munich based GZM Health Centre provides excellent therapeutic exercise. We are striving to achieve a full recovery by removing all functional and mobility impairments. In our Health Centre, rehabilitation is primarily based on the manual skills of the therapists, but we also rely on the active involvement of the patient in the therapy.

We focus on coordinated physical activity and on sharpening the conscious self-awareness of the patient. Furthermore, the physiotherapy and the therapeutic exercise in our practice at Maximiliansplatz square in Munich is aimed at enhancing the understanding of the patient regarding the functions and structures of the body and teaching a thoughtful approach to the use of the own body. During the therapy we seek to stimulate the natural physiological mechanisms in the body, for example muscle building and the metabolism.

Rehabilitation in the Health Centre

The rehabilitation therapy after an injury should be taken seriously, since the successful treatment of functional and mobility impairments is a demanding process. In our Health Centre in Munich, therapeutic exercise is also performed to preserve and enhance health.

If you are looking for a physiotherapy practice in Munich providing therapeutic exercise performed by a well-trained and experienced staff, do not hesitate to contact us during our opening times calling the number 089-29 44 45 or using our contact form. The therapists of GZM Health Centre for therapeutic exercise at Maximiliansplatz square will be delighted to answer any of your questions.

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