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Treatment of Jaw Joint Disorders (CMD)

Popping and clicking, pain in one or both jaw joints and grinding teeth (bruxism) are frequent problems, which are increasingly recognised and treated.

Frequently, the disorders affect other areas of the body far from the jaw and without obvious involvement of the mandible. Buzzing in the ears, dizziness, pain in the eyes, headache and, if the disorder persists for a longer time, even back pain can be due to the so-called craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD).

Given our knowledge acquired in special training courses and our experience, our treatment is based on the objective measurement of the mandibular mechanics and structure and is combined with manual therapy techniques for the muscles, the jaw and other joints. A holistic approach is essential to treat effectively the potentially complex causes of the disorder.

Our aim is to draw up a thorough therapy package consisting of highly efficient manual and mechanical techniques as well as a bespoke programme for autonomous exercises.

To achieve best results, we consider it particularly important to maintain a good communication with the referring physicians and dentists and to optimise the therapy by taking into account the points of view of all involved specialists.

We will be happy to give you advice on the treatment of jaw joint disorders, either by telephone or during a consultation in our practice.

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