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Connective Tissue Massage

The connective tissue massage, also referred to as “Subcutaneous Reflex Therapy (SRT)”, was developed as soon as in 1929. The basic idea behind the reflex zone massage was to achieve not only local therapeutic effects in a limited area of the body, but also indirectly in the inner organs. A major benefit of the connective tissue massage is that it favours relaxation through its positive impact on the vegetative nervous system.

The connective tissue massage is a manual stimulating therapy method, primarily applied in different back areas with the aim to remove all anomalies affecting the subcutaneous connective tissue. The therapy has beneficial indirect effects over reflex arcs on the inner organs, the musculoskeletal system and the skin through the use of special techniques, such as tangential stimulating strokes and cutaneous (subcutaneous) myofascial release techniques. Thereby, adhesions in the subcutaneous tissue are removed and tension in the connective tissue is eased. The therapy helps detoxify the tissue and harmonise its elasticity and, consequently, improves the blood circulation.

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