gzm Physiotherapie in München

Physio Relax Massage

The physio relax massage is primarily aimed at easing stress and enhancing the wellbeing – contrarily to other massage methods, which are principally used for physical relaxation and the loosening of tight muscles. To achieve the goals, the physio relax massage is based on the joint effects of classic massage techniques and the hot stone massage. This therapy is ideal for patients who are seeking to replenish their energy and recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

The manual treatment of the whole body by slow strokes performed with the hands and forearms and gentle shaking and stretching techniques make the physio relax massage a very pleasant experience. The massage considerably enhances the blood circulation in the skin and the muscles. Furthermore, the beneficial heat of the basalt stones (60 °C) placed on the back helps ease tension in the deeper tissue of the back and neck muscles. This treatment is extremely relaxing, both physically and mentally!

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