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Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a treatment, which has developed over time from ancient common knowledge into a sophisticated therapy method. Although the therapy is limited to the sole or the whole foot, it is much more than just a conventional foot massage. Reflexology can help relieve all disorders, affecting the musculoskeletal system or the organs, and psychological problems of the patients of whatever age – from the newborn baby to the elderly.

According to the basic assumption underlying foot reflexology, our feet and lower legs reflect our body in a sitting position. Each part of the body has a reflex point in the feet. The lower side of the big toe is, for example, deemed to have a connection with neck area. If this part of the foot is treated during a reflexology massage, positive effects can be felt in the neck area. Therefore, foot reflexology is not a conventional foot massage, but provides relief for pain and tension in other parts of the body. It has proven to be an efficient therapy to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the body, notably in the post-traumatic treatment. Reflexology can be used as single therapy or in combination with other treatments. Do not hesitate to test it!

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